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"Learn Parkour In 60 Days From Professional Parkour Athletes!"


"Why most people will never learn parkour"

Most people will never learn parkour or reach their full potential because of one or more of the reasons listed below.

  • They don't get proper instruction- They never get proper instruction so they learn bad form, they don't condition the proper muscles, and it takes them years to learn something they could have learned in a few days. This makes them very frustrated, especially when their friends and people they know are learning and picking up parkour much faster. Eventually they feel that parkour just isn't right for them and quit.
  • They get injured- They learn improper form, don't know when to, to let the body rest, or don't know how to build into the moves gradually and they suffer from either chronic injuries or receive a big one that knocks them out of training.
  • They get overwhelmed with fear- They never learn how to get rid of the fear of trying new moves or how to train in a way that gets rid of the mental blocks. They become a prisoner of fear and it keeps them from developing.
  • They don't put in the hard work- They have watched all the videos of people doing parkour and flying through their environment effortlessly and think it will come easy. Well parkour is just like everything else in life. It takes dedication, self-discipline, and a strong work ethic. Parkour is not like a video game, it takes months and years of continuous work to learn parkour and progress. Those who really want to learn will invest the time and resources in themselves. Most people never make the full commitment and drop off.


"What you need to learn parkour"

Here's simple list of what you need to learn parkour.

  • A guide to show you how to safely build into each move- This way you learn how to gradually and safely build into each move and learn the proper form in a short amount of time.
  • A guide to show you how to condition properly to make the body strong- Most people don't have a clue on how to properly workout, even advanced tracuers. Screw this up and you could be building the wrong type of muscle or worse not building any at all!
  • A schedule that shows you what to do and when to do it- This clears any confusion on what days you need to condition, train parkour, when to rest, or what moves to learn.
  • A strong work ethic-  It takes consistent hard work. You have to put in everything you've got into learning parkour. You will have to overcome some mental blocks, push yourself during workouts, overcome the frustrating road blocks you will encounter, and invest time into learning and training. Do this and you will not only learn parkour but develop yourself physically and mentally.

I'm A Lot Like You!

When I was younger I was always fascinated with stunt people and acrobatics. I loved watching the Ninja Turtles and all the Jackie Chan movies. I always dreamed of being able to have complete control of my body and to be a super awesome ninja. I first saw parkour at the age of 15. I was bored one summer and came across a video of a guy in France running up huge walls, leaping across buildings, vaulting over obstacles, and flying through his environment effortlessly like an animal! Once I saw this I knew I had to learn, develop those skills, and be that AWESOME! BUT there was a BIG problem...

  • I had NO background in gymnastics, martial arts, or any type of acrobatics!
  • I had no idea where to start!
  • I had no one to learn from!
  • And I had no gym to train at!

I only had experience in basic sports like running cross country and playing soccer. So I did what every 15 year old kid would of done at that point... I turned to the internet! I looked up all the websites over parkour and looked up all of the YouTube tutorials I could. Some where helpful, some were okay, and most just sucked! There just wasn't much detail and when I would go out and try some of the things people were saying to do it just wasn't working. It left me more FRUSTRATED then when I first started! Not to mention everywhere I searched online I would see videos of people the same age as me or younger who were learning parkour and were freaking sick! It got me thinking that maybe parkour just wasn't for me... Luckily I didn't quit! My twin brother was there to help motivate and push me. We decided that we were going to do whatever we could to learn parkour, figure out the best ways to train, find out how to condition to build efficient muscle, and develop ways to get over the fear of learning these crazy moves! The journey began and we trained every day! We studied everything we could over how the body works, how to build muscle, how the brain works for learning new movements, and then tested and trained different things outside.  

It was a BIG trial and error process!

Some things worked and some things didn't. But over time we were able to find out the best ways to learning new moves. We found out what kind of conditioning is best for learning parkour. We found out what moves are best to learn first. We discovered secret techniques to learning extreme parkour moves gradually, at a low to ground level, and without any of the fear!  

We discovered a safe system for learning and getting good in parkour extremely fast!

We got so good at parkour in such a short amount of time that within a little over a year of implementing these new training techniques we were able star in our first TV Commercial using our new parkour skills.


My life had completely changed!

As I got better in parkour, I gained more confidence in other areas of my life. I discovered that if I could set my mind to learning parkour and succeed, I could do that with anything! Through all of the hard training, I had developed self discipline and a strong will power. The sky was the limit. So my brother and I kept working, training, and learning new methods. Now it's all I do for a living. I've been in National and International commercials (even one that aired on the Jumbo tron in Times Square). Interviewed by news stations, magazines, and newspapers such as the Dallas Morning News. I was able to compete in the first Red Bull Art Of Motion Competition in the U.S. I was one of the head course testers for the hit show American Ninja Warrior on NBC. And I get the pleasure of teaching people all over the world the exact methods for learning parkour!



I was able to accomplish all of that trying to learn on my own with tons of trial and error. So I know that you can learn parour too! That's why I created Crash Course Into Parkour! I take all of the trial and error out of the learning. There's no guessing over what works, what kind of workouts you need to do, what moves you need to learn, or what are the safe ways to build into moves. I lay it all out in my Crash Course Program. No matter what background you have, how old you are, or what physical level you are right now, you can learn parkour and learn it twice as fast as it took me! Our Crash Course Into Parkour is the #1 online training course in the world!  


"Here's what you're going to learn!"

  • How to run up 8ft walls in seconds.
  • A simple technique that allows you to take drops up to 10ft with the same amount of impact as a normal person doing a jumping jack!
  • How to jump from rail to rail like Assassins Creed with the precision jump and stride.
  • The technique to increasing your vertical leap and broad jump so you can leap across far gaps with ease.
  • How to vault over obstacles smoothly and efficiently. Kong vault, dash vault, speed vault, dive kong, double kong, kash vault, lazy vault, reverse vault, turn vault, safety vault, and gate vault.
  • How to jump back and forth across vertical walls with the tac and cat leap.
  • How to swing through railings with the underbar and reverse underbar.
  • Workouts that build efficient muscles and joints.
  • Drills that will ensure you learn the moves fast.
  • How to slowly and safely build into each move so that you avoid all the fear and risk of injury.

"Is This Course Right For You?"

  • All Ages- I've taught people as young as 6 and as old as 73. This system focuses on building strength and the basic movements slowly and safely and at your own pace.
  • No background in any sport or discipline required- I never had a background in gymnastics or martial arts and some of my best students have had zero background in anything physical.
  • All physical levels welcome- No matter what your physical level you are at right now, you will be able to use my program to learn parkour. I show you how to cut the unwanted fat, build lean muscle, and how to get the moves down. 
  • Height is no issue- Some people feel they are too tall to learn parkour. Not true. In fact height helps tremendously with a lot of the movements such as wall runs and long jumps.
  • You don't need a gym membership- All of the workouts and drills you can perform either in your backyard or at a local park.
  • Strong work ethic required- I can show you all the secrets and techniques to learning parkour, but if you don't invest the time and hard work that is needed, it will be impossible to learn parkour.


"What You Get Inside The Crash Course Into Parkour"

  • Module #1 Parkour Moves

Parkour MovesYou get detailed video tutorials over all the basic parkour moves! Here is a list of the moves you are going to learn. (Basic Landing, Parkour Roll, Precision Jump, Stride Precision, Tac, Cat Leap, Wall Run, Kong Vault, Dash Vault, Lazy Vault, Turn Vault, Reverse Vault, Safety Vault, Speed Vault, Kash Vault, Dive Kong, Double Kong, Gate Vaults, Underbar, and Reverse Underbar.)


  • Module #2 Parkour Drills

Parkour Drills

This e-book gives you crucial drills to use in your parkour training to increase your skill and prepare you for a real life chase. These drills are the key to learning the parkour moves in half the time. Instead of taking years to get these movements down you will be learning these moves and impressing your friends in just weeks.




  • Module #3 Parkour Conditioning

Parkour Conditioning

This e-book goes over the secrets to building muscle and shows you exact workouts to combine with your parkour training to gain efficient muscle mass. This is the area where most beginners screw up! Your success in parkour will rely 80% o the conditioning you do. Perform these exercises and you will improve in your jumps, speed, and power in parkour.


  • Module #4 Parkour Training Schedule

Parkour Schedule

How many days should you train? And What exercises should you do? There is fine line between over training and under training. Screw this up and your results will suffer heavily. This is a 3 month parkour training schedule that lays out everything you need to do for each day. Never worry about not knowing what exercises you should be doing or how many days you need to train! This is a simple guide for you to follow and learn parkour in no time!




All of this adds up to $157 value that you can get today for only $27

"The BEST part is you don't have to wait for these videos and books in the mail. You DOWNLOAD it all instantly straight to your computer and start learning parkour!" 


The TRUTH about parkour!

In parkour “SAFETY” is one of the most important things we should understand. A common misconception is parkour is all about taking HUGE risks, jumping off two-story buildings, flipping on concrete, and getting seriously injured.


This is understandable because this is what’s shown on TV and in the movies. But this is far from what parkour is about! Parkour is about you building physical strength, discipline, and confidence. All while having a community of positive people help you reach your goals.

We start off small and in our comfort zone and gradually progress. The learning process is similar to gymnastics or any other sport; you don’t show up for you first day of training and jump on the highbars and start flipping around. No, you build your flexibility, strength, and work on your front rolls and basic swing. Then with time and training you gradually build into flips and other moves.

Learn The Techniques Properly It is very important that we learn proper technique and form from the very start of our training.

Training with bad technique can cause severe injuries and chronic long term injuries.

For example, with the basic landing you want to land with your joints stacked, on the balls of your feet, absorb down with the knees and the hips (making sure the knees don’t go past 90 degrees), keep the back straight, and lean forward and absorb down with the hands if needed.

We mess up on any bit of the technique; say we land on our heels instead of the ball of the foot. All the force and pressure from the jump will not be absorbed properly and all that force will be sent through our body and in time, destroy it.

Poor landing technique can cause back pain, bruised heels, slipped discs, and over time; chronic back pain. You know those times when you miss a step at the end of a stair case and right when you make contact with the ground you feel an awkward jolt go through your body. This is because we are not absorbing that force properly. We land on our heel or flat-footed, don’t bend with the knee, and that force is sent straight through our leg into our spine and internal organs.

Now that jolt you feel from the step is only from a drop of 4 inches. Imagine taking a drop from 10ft and higher. Yea…that kind of force with poor technique will cause SERIOUS damage.

You will likely break a bone, blow out a knee, tear some ligaments or a trifecta of pain and do all 3!

So we need to learn proper technique and get it solid. Train in a low risk environment at first (small edges, low drops, on grass or soft gym floor) We want to train for our bodies to last decades not just a few years. This is what I teach in my Crash Course Program!


"When you pick up the Crash Course Into Parkour RIGHT NOW you get these BONUSES!"


  • Secret To The Warm-Up

Did you know that most people perform a warm up that actually increases the risk of injury!? This video shows you the detailed warm-up taken from professional athletes and has been scientifically proven to increase your athletic performance and reduce your risk of injury by 60% percent. 

  • Double Your Flexibility

This video shows you 4 different styles of stretching. Tells you how long you need to hold each stretch for optimum results, gives you a stretching schedule to increase your flexibility, and shows you the one technique that will double your flexibility. We also cover one common mistake in stretching that can actually prevent you from getting flexible and cause injury.


Stay with us for the 30 days and you get these BONUSES!

  • Master Of Flow

Parkour Flow


This shows you step by step how to increase your speed and flow with your movements. There a specific techniques you can use to make your movements more fluid and we cover them all in "Master Of Flow"


  • Further Your Kong

How to get further with kong vault


This shows you detailed techniques for getting longer distances with your kong vault. Now you will be able to clear huge gaps with your kong vault.


  • Advanced Dive Roll

How to dive roll

The dive roll is a very impressive move that is great to use for clearing obstacles. But the dive roll can be pretty dangerous if not done properly. In this we go over the proper technique and how to safely build into the dive roll.



"Sample Clips From The Crash Course"

  • Sample-Tac

  • Sample-Cat Leap

  • Sample-Turn Vault Down Building

  • Sample-Reverse Underbar

  • Sample-Real Life Drills

  • Sample-Master Of Flow (acro)

  • Sample-Kong Vault

  • Sample-Further Your Kong

  • Sample-Double Kong Vault

  • Sample-Advanced Dive Roll


Read what others had to say about the Crash Course Into Parkour!


"Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let you know that this program is awesome. I'm on my second week and super excited and really encouraged to be learning parkour. Its definitely going to take a lot of work but the way its laid out doesn't make it feel so daunting. I currently work as a paramedic in the film industry and am working on transitioning into stunt work. Finding and starting this program has given me hope that its actually possible and am really looking forward to the future.
Thanks again for all the hard work you guys have put in to build this program, so so worth it,"

- James

" ...Appreciate the help you guys are offering . Im starting to teach people up here based on the videos I purchased from you.

Thanks again!!!"

- Chris O

I've purchased your Parkour-programm, the Kong tutorial and the "get further"-bonus is great!"

- Sascha B

“So after you told me about your crash course I had to buy it.. and I just want to say that you guys are amazing! Thank you very much, I figured it out that i have to start almost from the beginning again, but I think it worth it.

Thank you again, you are just awesome :)”

- Roy


"Watch these two videos from Maha and Sean! They went through the course, put in hard work, and got some awesome results. These two rock!!"

Maha Khalil


Sean Lord

"Not sure yet? Try my Crash Course RISK FREE! You get my Iron Clad 60 day money back guarantee!"

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If you have any questions feel free to contact me here :

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Jonathan Tapp

Train safe,

Jonathan Tapp   

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